You’re woven from the fabric of space, magnetic fingertips pulling me somewhere astronomically far away.

You’re an ethereal dream spun from the laws of the universe, taking my mind light years away from my home planet.

You’re the friction defying the principles of gravity, skin on skin refusing to adhere to conformity.

But when you stumbled into my life like a comet breaking through my orbit, I swear you looked like cosmos in its physical embodiment.

So when I found myself again, in sweaty entanglements of messy hair and honey kissed skin, With lust hooded eyes I traced your back with the same fingers that punctuated crescent moons during wild, passionate nights.

You pulled the rubber band from my hair to keep the strands down, thick black sheets so long as if the galaxy had lain out before you and found itself a home on my crown. You cup my face as if you held the entire universe in your palms, and look at me as if my eyes held white-hot stars that you couldn’t touch.

But you lean in and suddenly the stars are aligned, your lips feeling like a constellation I can finally call mine.

You smell like space but feel like Pluto, so distant and so cold night black orbs holding vast arrays of nebulae unknown.

The memories after, are a fuzzy feeling of flying too close to the sun, Just a black expanse of intergalactic bodies merging into one.

I clutch the fabric beneath us when I tell you the pain is too much, but you call my tears pretty because they remind you of falling space debris.

You whisper sweet nothings like a breath of cosmic dust in my neck, and I harbor your words like the wished-on shooting stars you sent.

I give you what you wanted, Because you were the world created out of my chaos and distortion.

So when our shaky breaths became two I looked over and could only waste my last one by telling you,

That when you saw the sadness in my eyes and stopped me midway, To say that the love you have for me transcends time and space.

I no longer felt like a lonely asteroid wandering among empty matter, Because I believed in you when you said you’ll always love me, Whether it was now or forever.