You laughed at my kufi,

so I laughed at your baseless mockery.

You pointed at my turban,

so I pointed out your groundless opinions.

You told me to remove the cross around my neck,

and I told you to remove the contemptuous thoughts from your head.

You tell me religion is an excuse for terrorism

So lower my eyes, take off my bindi

You pull out my headscarf in shame

Because it is shameful to your society.

The book I read from educates me to forgive you

Yet I burn from the heat of your slaps

You bark and scream and spit at me yet I do not fall

Because I defy your resistance.

My brothers and sisters lay in a pile full of dominoes

Blood smeared, blue mouthed

But observe as I rise from their ashes

I will avenge for the pain that you desperately scout.

yet I didn’t hurt the fly for I know its worth.

You pushed me when I knelt down to pray,

but I pulled myself together and dusted off the pain.

You paint the picture of the kind, caring mother,

but you’re just the rude, self-obsessed sinner.

I will not be a blown candle

I will light with the fire of my words

I will not be shushed

I will see how you burn.

So don’t bother

as God gave me the power

to tumble down your indestructible towers

over me.

For if my channel to freedom is my identity,

who are you to snatch it away from me?